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Bex Raven | Rust Dye Formula Kit

Bex Raven | Rust Dye Formula Kit

Bex Raven | Rust Dye Formula Kit

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Both our amazing Rust Dye Formulas in one refillable kit. Comes with instructions and handy hints to get you started


Rust Dye Formula Bright

Creates a range of traditional rust tones from light orange to deep brown where in direct contact with the rusty objects. If left to air can also stain the background fabric to create a yellow to orange colour once objects have been removed. This spray takes 24-48 hours to create colour with rusty objects.


Rust Dye Formula Dark

Creates a range of tones from pink, purple, blue, green, brown and even black with rusty objects. This spray works fast and can create a result in as little as 20 minutes. If left for longer a wider range of colours and darker tones will develop.


You can also use both sprays together to create a combined effect making ombres, sunbursts, landscapes, highlights and more.



The method is simple, place your already rusty objects on your chosen pre-wetted fabric or paper and spray with the rust dye formula. You can then place another layer of fabric or paper over the top as long as it is in direct contact with the objects. It is the contact that makes the mark. You can roll if you desire. You can also wrap wet fabric around a large rusty object and spray the rust dye formula on. The process is about creating a reaction between the rust dye formula and rust and where it is in contact with the fabric or paper it is dyed.


The whole thing must also be allowed to dry out as part of the process and if has not taken on as much colour as you like you can respray with water to reactivate. Once you remove the objects allow your work to air for a couple of days.


Once happy with the tone and rust marks wash out the remaining formula to return the original fabric/paper colour in the undyed areas.


The effects are permanent and need no further fixing or pre-treatment.