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With this sewing kit and pattern create a very special Spotty BFF (Best Friend Forever) for your little one, give teddy a name and encourage them to start their adventures together. You could even make this cute cuddly friend for yourself!

Designed to be sewn on a standard sewing machine, this kit includes everything you need to MakeTeddy. The teddy made from this kit will have a plain cream coloured body. The paws, pads and ears will be red with white spots and his eyes nose and smile will be embroidered with brown thread.

The easy-to-use sewing pattern and contents of the kit will enable you to sew teddy from scratch! Each pattern includes a pattern sheet and step-by-step instructions with full colour photographs to guide you along the way. Your finished teddy bear will have jointed limbs and embroidered facial feature and measure approximately 35cm in length (from the top of the ear to the sole of the foot).

The Kit contains: MakeTeddy sewing pattern book and pattern sheet, Main fabric – plain, Second fabric – red spotty, Sewing thread, Strong thread for joining arms and legs, Long needle for joining arms and legs, Embroidery thread for adding eyes and nose, label, Stuffing (complies to: BS1425,BS5665 and EN71) *colours may vary